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Local Plan: Development Management Policies - Issues and Preferred Options Consultation


Guildford Borough Council has produced a Draft Local Plan: Development Management Policies - Issues and Preferred Options document.

The Council adopted the Local Plan: strategy and sites in 2019. We have now started to work on the second part of the Local Plan, the ‘Local Plan: development management policies’ document. This document will provide further and more detailed planning policies to use when we determine planning applications.

The ‘Local Plan: development management policies’ document is currently in the early stages of its production. This Regulation 18 ‘Issues and Options’ consultation, which invited comments on the draft ‘Local Plan: development management policies – Issues and Preferred Options’ document was the first opportunity to comment on the plan as it moves through the various stages of its production.

The document identifies a series of key issues for the borough and the policy options that could help address them. It then highlights the Council’s preferred policy options for potential development management policies that will guide decision-making on development applications across Guildford borough.

As part of this consultation we sought your views on the preferred options and whether there are any other issues that you consider the plan ought to address.


The consultation ran from from 12:00 midday Wednesday 3 June to 12:00 midday Wednesday 22 July 2020.

The Issues and Preferred Options document can be found below under 'Documents'. 

The Online Questionnaire below includes 39 questions, which replicated the question boxes as shown in the Issues and Preferred Options document.

We will consider all comments submitted prior to preparing the Regulation 19 version of the draft Local Plan, which will be subject to further consultation. We will also publish an Interim Consultation Statement identifying main issues raised and our response to these.

To help inform the response to the consultation, the Planning Policy team provided three explanatory notes comprising frequently asked questions, a description of the production of planning policy documents and a summary of the proposed policy approaches in the Local Plan: development management policies - Issues and Preferred Options document. These can be found below under 'Documents'. 

Submitted responses to the consultation have been published.

You can:

  • search the database for comments and respondents through the ‘View the responses’ link below, and
  • view the comments against a specific question by opening the Online Questionnaire below and clicking "View comments" under a question.

Please note that we are continuing to analyse the comments submitted as we prepare the next version of the plan for consultation - the Regulation 19 Proposed Submission Local Plan: development management policies. We will publish the Consultation Statement alongside the Regulation 19 document. This will identify all the main issues raised through this Regulation 18 consultation and our responses to these.  For details regarding the next steps, please refer to the Local Development Scheme.

View the Local Development Scheme web page.

View the Full Council decision regarding the Regulation 18 consultation and the associated documents.


  • Opened
    3 Jun 2020 at 12:00
  • Closed
    22 Jul 2020 at 12:00
  • Response Published
    15 Dec 2021

Summary of Results

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