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Guildford Borough Council

Submission Local Plan: Strategy and Sites - Main Modifications

Submission Local Plan: Strategy and Sites - Main Modifications - Part 3: Appendices

Appendix D: Evidence Base


This is a list of our completed research studies and website addresses where you can read them.

Air Quality Assessment
This document considers the potential effect of the growth proposed in the Local Plan on air quality.
Assessment of the viability of carbon emissions targets for new builds (2017)
This document provides a technical feasibility and cost assessment for new developments to meet the carbon reduction requirements in the emerging Local Plan.
Assessment of Sites for Amenity Value (2017)
This document assess open land within villages proposed to be inset from the Green Belt to identify land that has public amenity value and should be protected as Open Space in line with the NPPF.


Employment Land Needs Assessment (2017)
The ELNA assesses how much employment land we are likely to need within Guildford borough to 2034.


Environmental sustainability and climate change study
This study identifies the key environmental sustainability and climate change issues for Guildford borough.


Equalities Impact Assessment screening (2014)
All public authorities are required by the Equalities Act 2010 to specifically consider the likely impact of their policy, procedure or practice on certain groups in the society


Green Belt and Countryside Study, volumes 1-6 and summary (2013 - 2015)
An independent assessment of Guildford Borough's Green Belt and 'countryside beyond the Green Belt' which identifies potential development areas should there be insufficient sites within our urban areas. It also assesses which villages, major previously developed sites and traveller sites should be inset from the Green Belt.


Guildford Town and Approaches Movement Study: Strategy Report (Arup, March 2015)
Guildford Town and Approaches Movement Study: Scenario Analysis and Appraisal of Interventions report (Arup, March 2015)
Guildford Town and Approaches Movement Study: Vision, Objectives, Baseline and Business-As-Usual Report (Arup, March 2015)
The aim of the study was to develop a recommended long term movement strategy to 2050 for the town of Guildford.


Guildford Strategic Parking Strategy: Stage1: Parking Demand (Steer Davies Gleave, August 2013)
This Stage 1 report forms an evidence base for a car parking strategy and documents the assessment of the need for parking in the town centre over the next 20 years


Guildford Strategic Car Parking Review: Stage 2: Car Parking Management Proposals (Steer Davies Gleave, August 2013)
This Stage 2 report for the Guildford Strategic Car Parking Review, directly follows on from the Stage 1 report and contains recommendations for managing the supply and demand for parking across the town centre whilst facilitating economic activity


Guildford Borough Transport Strategy (June 2017)
The transport strategy sets out a programme of schemes covering all modes of surface transport in the borough and beyond.


Guildford Borough Council Local Plan and CIL Viability Study, Final Report (2016)
The Study includes a Plan viability assessment (PV) of the Guildford borough Submission Local Plan to provide evidence that the policy requirements in the Plan do not threaten the development viability of the Plan as a whole. The Study also tests the Plan's affordable housing policy in the context of the PV assessment.


Guildford Borough Proposed Submission Local Plan "June 2016": Strategic Highway Assessment Report (Surrey County Council, June 2016)
The strategic highway assessment follows and builds on earlier assessments, but is different in that, firstly, it assesses the growth scenario that represents the spatial strategy in the Proposed Submission Local Plan, and secondly, it assesses the mitigation provided by the highway schemes from the programme of transport schemes that are considered necessary for the delivery of the plan.


Guildford Draft Local Plan: Education Review (May 2016)
This review considers the need for additional school places over the period of the draft new Local Plan (2013-33).


Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) Screening (2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017)
The aim of the Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) is to identify any aspects of the emerging Local Plan that would have the potential to cause a likely significant effect on Natura 2000 or European sites (Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and Ramsar sites), (either in isolation or in combination with other plans and projects), and to begin to identify appropriate mitigation strategies where such effects were identified.


Historic Environment Information (2016)
This document pulls together information about our heritage assets.


Infrastructure Delivery Plan - draft (2016) and Infrastructure Baseline (2013)
The Infrastructure baseline considers the quality and capacity of the existing physical, community and social infrastructure. This supports the resident and working populations. It examines each type of infrastructure, reviews existing capacity, and for some infrastructure types, it also notes the current plans of infrastructure providers. This infrastructure baseline study is an audit of existing infrastructure provision. It is not a plan of the infrastructure we need to provide to support development in the future.


Land Availability Assessment (LAA) (2017)
The LAA is an audit of land for new homes, retail, offices, allotments, traveller accommodation and secondary schools at a point in time (October 2017). The LAA does not decide where development will be built.


Landscape (and townscape) Character Assessment (2007)
An assessment of the borough's landscape has been completed by Land Use Consultants to provide more information about what makes it special and so varied.


Local Housing Needs Surveys
There are currently Local Housing Needs Surveys for Albury, East and West Horsley, Effingham, Normandy, Pirbright, Puttenham, Ripley, Shackleford (and Peper Harow), Send, Shalford, Shere, St Martha, Worplesdon, and West Clandon.
The Council produce updated local housing need studies as required.


Local Plan Viability Update (Guildford Borough Council, 2017)
This report supplements the aforementioned Viability Study by addressing the impact on Plan viability of the changes made to policies in the Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2017.


Monitoring Report 2015/16 (2016)
The Monitoring Report (MR) provides information of the performance of the planning policies in the Local Development Framework.


Open Space, Sports and Recreation Assessment 2016
This study identifies open space of public value across the borough, to be protected in line with the NPPF.


Renewable Energy Mapping Study 2015
A renewable energy mapping study undertaken by the Centre for Sustainable Energy. The findings consider the appropriate use of low and zero carbon energy generation across the Borough. The outputs provide an indication of the range of sustainable energy resources that exist in the Borough and the opportunities and constraints that impact their use.


Retail and Leisure Update Study (2014)
A study to identify our retail and leisure needs to 2033 and looks at the health of our existing centres.


Retail and Leisure Study addendum (2017)
An addendum to the Retail and Leisure Study 2014 providing an updated assessment.


Review of Housing Needs Evidence across West Surrey HMA (2017)
This report brings together evidence on Objectively Assessed Housing Need (OAN) across the West Surrey Housing Market Area (HMA).


Rural Economic Strategy 2017
A five year plan for our rural economy and how it can play a part in supporting the delivery of housing, employment, superfast broadband, and necessary infrastructure whilst preserving the boroughs special landscapes and environmental qualities.


Settlement Hierarchy (2014) and Profiles (2013)
The settlement hierarchy study is part of our evidence base for the new Local Plan. It will enable us to have a better understanding of the roles of each of our settlements. It does so by grouping together those settlements that have similar functions and characteristics. This will help us decide the location of future development across the borough by directing growth towards those settlements which are the most sustainable, or can be made more sustainable through additional growth.


Sites of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCIs)
Sites of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCI) are areas which are designated locally for their wildlife importance. The National Planning Policy Framework (paragraph 109 -118) requires local councils to conserve and enhance the natural environment.


Strategic Flood Risk Assessment SFRA (2016) - Level 1 and Level 2
The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) informs the planning process of flood risk and provides information on future risk over a wide spatial area.


Surface Water Management Plans
The Surface Water Management Plans (SWMPs) and Action Plans are documents prepared in partnership with Surrey County Council, the Environment Agency, and Thames Water. They aim to understand flooding from surface water, identify hotspots, and to identify cost effective actions in the form of a management plan, to manage flood risk in these areas.
The Guildford SWMP covers the whole of the Guildford Borough Council administrative area which is within the River Wey and Tillingbourne catchments, whilst the Ash SWMP covers the area which drains to the Blackwater catchment.


Surrey Hills AONB Areas of Search Natural Beauty Evaluation Report (2013)
The document identifies 'areas of search', which are judged to meet the natural beauty criteria of an AONB. The findings have been submitted to Natural England for consideration of an extension to the Surrey Hills AONB.


Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (2013) and Sustainability Appraisal (2017)
The Guildford Local Plan is required by law to promote sustainable development through the balancing of social, environmental and economic considerations to achieve the best overall outcome. This is done through assessing these documents at each stage of their preparation to consider potential social, environmental and economic impacts. This process, and the resulting report is called Sustainability Appraisal (SA).


Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area Avoidance Strategy 2009 - 2016 (2010)
This document forms the basis of planning guidance in relation to new residential development and its impact on the SPA and will be updated in due course.


Traveller Accommodation Assessment (2017)
The Travellers Accommodation Assessment identifies the number of pitches for Gypsies and Travellers and plots for Travelling Showpeople that are needed within our borough.


Water Quality Assessment
The Water Quality Assessment provides an assessment of the impact of local plan proposals on water quality by examining impacts on wastewater infrastructure. It also assesses the impacts on the environmental capacity of the water bodies receiving effluent (wastewater).


West Surrey Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA), September 2015
The SHMA will help inform our new Local Plan by helping us understand how many homes we need and what type.


West Surrey Strategic Housing Market Assessment: Guildford Addendum Report 2017
An addendum to the West Surrey Strategic Housing Market Assessment ('the SHMA Report'), providing an updated assessment of the objectively assessed housing need (OAN) in Guildford Borough to cover the plan period 2015-34.


West Surrey Functional Economic Market Area (FEMA)
Guildford Borough Council, Woking Borough Council and Waverley Borough Council have worked together and agreed the extent of the West Surrey FEMA which covers the whole geographic area of all three boroughs.


Future research

We are working on a number of other pieces of research which we will publish when they are ready.

Land Availability Assessment (annual update)
Sites of Nature Conservation Interest surveys (ongoing programme)


What you told us during earlier consultations

This is a list of our earlier consultations and where you can read more about them and what you told us.

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites (June 2016)
We consulted on our Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites from 6 June to 18 July 2016. This document sets out our vision, objectives and approaches to development (our strategy). It also shows the location of development (the key sites) in our area between now and 2033.


Draft Guildford borough Local Plan: strategy and sites July 2014
A consultation under regulation 18 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) regulations 2012 was held between 1 July and 26 September 2014. Comments were invited on a vision, objectives and strategy for Guildford borough and the location of development to 2031


Local Plan Strategy and Sites Issues and Options Consultation (Oct - Nov 2013)
We consulted on our Local Plan Strategy and Sites Issues and Options document from 1 October to 29 November 2013. The Issues and Options document invited comments on a series of key issues for the borough and the options that could help us address them.


Who needs housing? (May - July 2011)
Responses to the consultation which aimed to help Guildford Borough Council understand its housing target


Core Strategy Further Options consultation (March - April 2009) Responses to the 2009 consultation for further options in the Core Strategy


Core Strategy Preferred Options consultation (June - July 2006)
A summary of the responses to the 2005 Core Strategy consultation


Core Strategy Issues and Options consultation (March - April 2005)
A questionnaire created to aid the preparation of the 2005 Core Strategy for Guildford


Site Allocations Issues and Options (November 2007 - January 2008)
As part of the Early Stakeholder and Community Engagement stage many potential development sites were suggested to us. From 21 November 2007 until 30 January 2008, we consulted on the suggested sites as part of the Issues and Options consultation. We received over 4000 responses to the consultation.


Other Local Plan documents

Community Involvement inPlanning (2013)
The community engagement strategy guides us and our partners (including the county council, police and health service) on how we engage with our communities, interested people and organisations in the many services we all provide.


Local Development Scheme (2017)
The Local Development Scheme is the timetable and project plan new Local Plan. It explains what documents the Council intends to prepare and when, in order to plan for future development in the borough.


Other plans and strategies


Guildford Borough Economic Strategy 2013 - 2031
The strategy aims to ensure that Guildford will be the leading economy in Surrey in the years up to 2031 and beyond. It also concentrates on improvements to support economic growth, including road infrastructure, housing, skills and employment opportunities, in our urban and rural locations.


Guildford Borough Corporate Plan 2015 - 2020
It is the overarching plan that sets out the strategy that underpins the direction of your Council for the next five years


Guildford Town Centre Regeneration Strategy 2017
This is an aspirational document that sets out a recommended approach to delivering this growth, developing previously developed land and driving significant town centre improvements. The Regeneration Strategy sets out a regeneration work programme to take forward the various project strands. The Strategy is an aspirational document only and does not form part of the development plan for the borough or carry any material planning weight.


Guildford Housing Strategy 2015 - 2020
This statement builds on the work done by the Council and its partners since the 2005 Housing Strategy was published, and outlines how we will continue to provide opportunity and choice for people wanting to live in the borough.


Guildford borough Local Plan 2003
The Plan is the result of working closely with local residents, businesses, parish councils and amenity organisations. Work on the Local Plan began in 1997 with the production of Issues Papers and since that time many meetings, consultations and exhibitions have been undertaken across the Borough. The Public Local Inquiry was held between 9 May and 6 October 2000 and the Inspector issued his report in September 2001. Over 3,000 comments have been received which have been invaluable in helping the Council prepare the Plan. Local people can be confident that all points of view have been taken into account.


Other planning policy and plans

National Planning Policy Framework (2012)
The National Planning Policy Framework is a key part of the government's reforms to make the planning system less complex and more accessible. It vastly simplifies the number of policy pages about planning. The framework acts as guidance for local planning authorities and decision-takers, both in drawing up plans and making decisions about planning applications


Planning Policy for Traveller Sites (2015)
Planning policy for traveller sites should be read in conjunction with the National Planning Policy Framework.


South East Plan (2009)
The Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) for the South East of England (known as the South East Plan) sets out the long term spatial planning framework for the region over the years 2006-2026.


Surrey Waste and Minerals Plans
The Surrey Waste Plan is a generic term given to waste development plan documents. They set out the planning framework for the development of waste management facilities in Surrey. In general, the documents are expected to have a lifetime of ten years from their date of adoption. However, any of the documents may be reviewed earlier if the monitoring indicates that this is necessary


Surrey Transport Plan (LTP3, 2011 and subsequent updates)
The Surrey Transport Plan is the third Local Transport Plan (LTP) for the county. It is a statutory plan (required by the Local Transport Act 2008 and Transport Act 2000), which replaced the second LTP on 1 April 2011. As part of the Surrey Transport Plan, Surrey County Council is producing a Local Transport Strategy and Forward Programme for each district and borough in the county. Surrey County Council proposes to bring forward and adopt a Local Transport Strategy and Forward Programme for the Guildford borough area following the adoption of a new Local Plan by Guildford Borough Council.


The Enterprise M3 Delivery Plan - 2014 - 2020
This Delivery Plan sets out in detail how Enterprise M3 will use the Local Growth Fund to help deliver the vision and aims set out in the Growth Deal and Strategic Economic Plan.


The Enterprise M3 Strategic Economic Plan - 2014 - 2020
This document presents the Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) for Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to 2020.