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Submission Local Plan: Strategy and Sites - Main Modifications

Submission Local Plan: Strategy and Sites - Main Modifications - Part 2: Sites

Intro to site allocations


The purpose of these site policies is to allocate land for a range of uses to support the vision and objectives of the Local Plan. The policies consider sites within the whole of the borough, and allocate land for development including for housing, employment, retail and infrastructure (including allotments).

Each policy lists the land uses that are acceptable on the identified land, alongside specific requirements and opportunities for future development proposals. Each site is identified on a corresponding map, and is also shown on the Local Plan proposals maps (appendix H). Detailed information about the infrastructure required to support specific development proposals, including when it will be delivered, is listed in the Infrastructure Schedule (appendix C) or the latest Infrastructure Delivery Plan, with the Land Availability Assessment (LAA) also providing further information about the deliverability of sites and potential timescales.

Phasing of sites across the plan period is not proposed in the site policies. Allocated sites are encouraged to progress development proposals as soon as possible, to help provide housing in the earlier stages of the plan period, to help boost housing supply. Equally, where allocated sites have been identified as likely to deliver in the later years of the plan period due to constraints, if these are resolved sooner, development proposals are encouraged.

All site allocations require planning permission prior to development. Allocating these sites does not grant planning permission for development, however, it does identify the principle of development and uses.

Further detailed information about these sites is available in the LAA, which forms part of the Local Plan evidence base. The LAA site reference number is shown on the site policy, for ease of cross referencing.

Key Evidence

  • NPPF
  • Land Availability Assessment
  • Green Belt and Countryside Study
  • Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
  • Surface Water Management Plan / Study


Monitoring Indicators

Number of planning permissions granted on allocated sites

Number of new homes delivered on allocated sites

Number of other types of homes (including traveller accommodation) delivered on allocated sites

Quantum of non-residential uses delivered on allocated sites