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Guildford Borough Council

Draft Local Plan: strategy and sites 2014

1. Draft Local Plan strategy and sites - Strategic Policies and Appendices A to F


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List of policies

How to read this plan

1. Introduction


2. Key facts about the borough

Competing and conflicting demands

Other plans and strategies

3. Our vision and ambition

4. Policies

Policy 1: Presumption in favour of sustainable development

Policy 2: Planning for the borough - our spatial development strategy

Policy 3: Homes for all

Policy 4: Affordable Homes

Policy 5: Rural Exception Homes

Policy 6: Making better places

Policy 7: Sustainable design, construction and energy

Policy 8:Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

Policy 9: Villages and major previously developed sites

Policy 10: Green Belt and the countryside

Policy 11: Ash and Tongham Strategic Location for Growth

Policy 12: Historic environment

Policy 13: Economic development

Policy 14: The leisure and visitor experience

Policy 15: Guildford Town Centre

Policy 16: District and Local Centres

Policy 17: Infrastructure and delivery

Policy 18: Sustainable transport for new developments

Policy 19: Green and blue infrastructure

Site allocations 20 - 125


Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B Infrastructure Schedule

Appendix C: Evidence Base

Appendix D: Superseded Policies

Appendix E: Overview borough map

Appendix F: Policy and Monitoring

Appendix G: Maps