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Guildford Borough Council

Draft Local Plan: strategy and sites 2014

Document Section 2. Draft Local Plan strategy and sites - Site allocations 20 to 125 Land around Guildford Urban Area 60- Blackwell Farm 60 - Blackwell Farm [View all comments on this section]
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Respondent University of Surrey (Sir or Madam) [View all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 22 Sep 2014

Blackwell Park

Masterplan Summary

The Site


Blackwell Farm lies immediately to the west of the university of Surrey’s Manor Park campus and covers over 300 ha of farmland framed by significant areas of woodland and tree belts. The site can broadly be divided into three main areas. To the south, the site occupies the northern slopes of part of the Hog’s Back.

The focus of the central area are the buildings around Blackwell Farm and to the north there are a number of woodland areas and tree belts which lead up to the railway line which bounds the north western edge of the site.

[see attachment for map]


New Homes and Facilities

The site at Blackwell Farm offers opportunity to create a new neighbourhood for Guildford all in walking distance of the existing Surrey Research Park, Hospital and Manor Park Surrey University campus. The following elements could be provided:

3,000 + New homes

Extended research park

Primary schools

Reserve site for Secondary School

Community facilities

Local shops and services

Parks and woodland access

Improved public transport

Highway improvements


Framed by nature

A natural bowl at the heart of the site

• Enclosure reinforced by mature woodland edges

• AONB along the southern flank of the site

• New woodland planting to screen views from A31



Robust green infrastructure framework

Higher density housing around a District Centre

Lower density housing towards the west

· • Neighbourhood Centres – North and South


• New schools

• Parkland approach from the A31


Walkable Neighbourhood

• Walkable neighbourhoods around a higher density core area

• Each neighbourhood has a park at its heart

• Each neighbourhood has a district, neighbourhood or local centre

• Vast majority of new homes within 10 mins walk of district centre