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Guildford Borough Council

Submission Local Plan: Strategy and Sites - Main Modifications

Submission Local Plan: Strategy and Sites - Main Modifications - Part 1: Policies

Policy D4: Character and design of new development

POLICY D4: Character and design of new development

(1) High quality design is expected in the borough. All developments will:

(a) integrate well with the natural, built and historic environment

(b) respect important public views and help create attractive new views and vistas

(c) create attractive, safe and accessible places that discourage crime and disorder through design

(d) respond meaningfully and sensitively to the site, its characteristics and constraints, and the street patterns, spaces around buildings, layout, grain, scale, massing, proportions, height and materials of surrounding buildings

(e) ensure appropriate density to make the most efficient use of the land whilst responding to local character and context

(f) be laid out to make the best use of the natural features such as topography, trees and hedges, watercourses, ponds and levels, and enhance views into and out of the site

(g) promote and reinforce local distinctiveness to create a sense of place with innovative architecture encouraged in the appropriate context

(h) provide visual interest at pedestrian level

(i) be expected to have regard to and perform positively against the recommendations set out in the latest Building for Life guidance

(j) be expected to use art, appropriate materials and landscaping of a nature appropriate to their setting

(k) be designed to minimise the visual impact of traffic and parking

(l) conserve locally and nationally important heritage assets and conserve or enhance their settings

(m) have no unacceptable effect on the amenities enjoyed by the occupants of buildings in terms of privacy, noise, vibration, pollution, dust, smell and access to sunlight and daylight

(n) conform to the nationally described space standards as set out by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

(2) In addition to the above, proposals for new development within villages will have particular regard to:

(a) the distinctive settlement pattern of the village and the important relationship between the built development and the surrounding landscape

(b) important views of the village from the surrounding landscape

(c) views within the village of local landmarks.



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4.5.49b The NPPF also recognises the role that public art has. Opportunities will be sought for innovative and dynamic public art that has residents and artists at its core whilst celebrating and enhancing its rich heritage of architecture, landscape and public art. The Council's emerging Public Art Strategy will include consideration of the role that developers can take in providing art to enhance the environment in and around development sites, and will set out good practice and recommended commissioning processes.

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