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Guildford Borough Council

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2016

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2016 - Part 2: Sites

A1: The Plaza, Portsmouth Road

POLICY A1: The Plaza, Portsmouth Road, Guildford


The site is allocated for approximately 70 homes (C3)


  • Development proposals must be sensitive to the scale and heights of nearby Listed Buildings, and views of the church tower (St Nicolas Church, Bury Street, Guildford)
  • Achieve flood risk betterment, appropriate mitigation and flood risk management, and have regard to the recommendations of the Level 2 SFRA
  • Avoid development within flood zone 2 (medium risk)


  • This triangular plot lends itself to a perimeter block development to address and reinstate the street scene on all elevations
  • Improvements and reinstatement for pedestrian access and public realm
  • Help to reduce flood risk in the local area




Guildford Town Centre


Friary and St Nicolas


Private landowner

Area (size)

0.38 ha

Existing use


LAA reference

Site 134

Key considerations

  • Close proximity to Listed Buildings
  • Within the Millmead and Portsmouth Road Conservation Area
  • Views on the skyline from the Conservation Area
  • Flood risk (a small part of the site is within flood zone 2 - medium risk)

A1 The Plaza, Portsmouth Road, Guildford

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