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Guildford Borough Council

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2016

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2016 - Part 2: Sites

A2: Guildford Cinema, Bedford Road

POLICY A2: Guildford Cinema, Bedford Road, Guildford


The site is allocated for a cinema (D2) with 3 to 5 additional screens and approximately 1000 sq m of additional food and drink floor space (A3-A5)


  • Achieve flood risk betterment on site by moving and/or reducing the footprint of the building, and incorporating appropriate flood risk reductions measures, and have regard to the recommendations of the Level 2 SFRA
  • Raised levels, linking the development to Bedford road at the east of the site, in order to gain safe access and egress from the site
  • No increase in flood risk on site or elsewhere
  • Improve the relationship between the built form and the river setting


  • Improve the quality of the land around the building, public realm, and enjoyment of the riverside, creating a welcoming and well used public space
  • Improve the links along the river and to and from the town centre
  • Contemporary design approach, whilst respecting the proximity to the River Wey and Bridge Street Conservation Area adjacent to the site, views from the Town Centre and setting of listed buildings
  • Reduce flood risk elsewhere




Guildford Town Centre


Friary and St Nicolas


Guildford Borough Council is the freehold landowner

Area (size)

0.8 ha

Existing use

Cinema (D2), food and drink (A3) and protected open space

LAA reference

Site 2229

Key considerations

  • High flood risk
  • Public open space
  • Proximity to conservation area and listed buildings

 A2 Cinema, Guildford

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