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Guildford Borough Council

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2016

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2016 - Part 2: Sites

A7 Land at Guildford railway station,

POLICY A7: Land and buildings at Guildford railway station, Guildford


The site is allocated for a comprehensive mixed use redevelopment to include:

  • Improved transport and interchange facilities, and
  • Approximately 350 homes (C3), and
  • Approximately 500 sq m of additional comparison retail (A1), and
  • Approximately 700 sq m of additional convenience retail (A1), and
  • Approximately 1,500 sq m food and drink (A3), and
  • 1 gym (D2)


  • The station has its primary access from Walnut Tree Close. Any redeveloped scheme for this site must cater for all of the following:
    • Pedestrians, including those crossing from the west side of the railway via the present station footbridge
    • Cyclists
    • Buses
    • Taxis
    • Drop-off ('kiss and ride')
    • Short-stay car parking
    • Long-stay car parking
  • Site layout to focus on ensuring that pedestrians and cyclists are directed towards use of Walnut Bridge (which is to be replaced) when travelling to the town centre
  • Site layout will be compatible with the proposals for the Sustainable Movement Corridor or, subject to timing, not compromise the future provision of the Sustainable Movement Corridor, including maintaining access along Station View access road to the Safeguarded land for Sustainable Movement Corridor Town Centre Phase 2 site
  • Consideration of strategic long distant views including setting of listed buildings on skylines
  • Achieve flood risk betterment, appropriate mitigation and flood risk management and have regard to the recommendations of the Level 2 SFRA
  • Avoid development within flood zone 2 (medium risk)


  • This is a previously developed site, with strong transport links, in the town centre. It is a very sustainable location for new development, and efficient use of this land should be made. This should not be to the detriment of the character of the area, and should have particular regard to the Corridor of the River Wey conservation area
  • Improve green infrastructure provision on site to help improve the character of the area, given the extent of previously developed land




Guildford Town Centre


Friary and St Nicolas


Network Rail

Area (size)

2.2 ha

Existing use

Railway station, including offices and retailing, and associated car and cycle parking

LAA reference

Site 171

Key considerations

  • Sustainable Movement Corridor
  • The replacement of Walnut Bridge to reinforce the alternative pedestrian route, and provide a route for cyclists, from the station to town centre away from Bridge Street
  • Potential contamination
  • Heritage and conservation
  • Flood risk (a small part of the site is within flood zone 2 - medium risk, part of the northern area of the site is at surface water flood risk)

 A7 Land and buildings at Guildford railway station, Guildford

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