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Guildford Borough Council

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2016

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2016 - Part 2: Sites

A18: Land at Guildford College

POLICY A18: Land at Guildford College, Guildford


The site is allocated for approximately 100 homes (C3) and at least 500 sq m of D1 floor space


  • Height of proposed buildings to respect local character and be sensitive to the scale and heights of Listed Buildings nearby, and the transition from the development to parkland
  • Appropriate separation between the D1 use and the residential use, to avoid issues regarding noise
  • The D1 floor space must be a functional and attractive space, likely to attract market interest. It will have sufficient supporting facilities, such as car parking, to enable it to be viable and long lasting, helping the community to meet its daily needs locally now and in the future
  • Retain the Protected Open Space


  • The provision of D1 floor space provides the opportunity for a variety of uses on this site, including a children's nursery. This would be a suitable use, and would be encouraged
  • Seek street frontages and pedestrian access routes (deter backs / rear boundary treatments on street views)




Guildford Urban Area




Guildford College

Area (size)

0.7 ha

Existing use

Education (D1)

LAA reference

Site 2323

Key considerations

  • Close proximity to Stoke Park
  • Boundary treatments backing onto Stoke Park
  • Impact of development on setting of listed buildings, parkland setting and views
  • Lido Road area - setting of locally listed building and listed war memorial on green island
  • Protected Open Space

A18 Land at Guildford college, Guildford 

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