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Guildford Borough Council

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2016

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2016 - Part 2: Sites

A35: Land at former Wisley airfield

POLICY A35: Land at former Wisley airfield, Ockham


This is a residential lead mixed use development, allocated for:

  • Approximately 2000 homes (C3), including some specialist housing and self-build plots, and
  • Approximately 100 sheltered/Extra Care homes (C3 use), and
  • 8 Traveller pitches, and
  • Approximately 1,800 sq m of employment floor space (B1a), and
  • Approximately 2,500 sq m of employment floor space (B2/B8), and
  • Approximately 500 sq m of comparison retail (A1), and
  • Approximately 600 sq m of convenience retail (A1), and
  • Approximately 550 sq m services in a new Local Centre (A2 -A5), and
  • Approximately 500 sq m of community uses in a new Local Centre (D1), and
  • A two form entry primary school (D1), and
  • A secondary school (D1) (four form entry, of which two forms are needed for the housing on the site and two for the wider area)


  • Primary vehicular access to the site allocation will be via the A3 Ockham interchange
  • A through vehicular link is required between the A3 Ockham interchange and Old Lane
  • Interventions will be required which address the potential highway performance issues which could otherwise result from the development. The Infrastructure Schedule in the latest Infrastructure Delivery Plan identifies the locations on the Local Highway Network and the Strategic Highway Network which could be expected to experience the most significant potential highway performance issues, in the absence of mitigating interventions. To include mitigation schemes to address issues:
    • on the A3 and M25 and at the M25 Junction 10/A3 Wisley interchange
    • on B2215 Ripley High Street
    • at the junctions of Ripley High Street with Newark Lane/Rose Lane
    • at junction of Old Lane with A3 on-slip (Guildford bound).
  • When determining planning application(s), and attaching appropriate conditions and obligations to planning permission(s), regard will be had to the delivery and timing of delivery of the key infrastructure requirements on which the delivery of the plan depends, set out in the Infrastructure Schedule in the latest Infrastructure Delivery Plan, or otherwise alternative interventions which provide comparable mitigation
  • A significant bus network to serve the site and key destinations including Effingham Junction railway station and/or Horsley railway station, Guildford, Woking and Cobham to be provided and secured in perpetuity to ensure that residents and visitors have a sustainable transport option for access to the site
  • An off site cycle network to key destinations including Effingham Junction railway station, Horsley railway station/Station Parade and Ripley to be provided with improvements to a level that would be attractive and safe for the average cyclist
  • Secondary educational need will be re-assessed at the time a planning application is made at which time any recent new secondary school provision will be taken into account
  • Sensitive design at site boundaries that has significant regard to the transition from village to greenfield
  • Green corridors and linkages to habitats outside of the site, and the adjoining SANG
  • Bespoke SANG to mitigate impacts on the SPA (See the IDP for further information)
  • An application level Habitat Regulations Assessment
  • Appropriate mitigation for flood risk and flood risk management, and have regard to the recommendations of the Level 2 SFRA
  • In order to ensure that the primary vehicular access route into the site permits safe access / egress during a flood event , the feasibility of implementing flood risk mitigation works to protect the access route be investigated
  • Limit development in flood zones 2 and 3, and no increase in flood risk on site or elsewhere

Traveller pitches

  • The pitches will be public (tenure) forming part of the affordable housing contribution (1 pitch equates to 1 affordable home)
  • Once completed, the pitches will be provided to the registered provider at nil cost, for the Local Authority to allocate the occupancy and manage
  • Traveller pitches should reflect modern Traveller lifestyles. They should be serviced pitches, providing hard standing, garden and connections for drainage, electricity and water. Service meters should be provided. Utility blocks are not required
  • Traveller pitches should not be isolated, and should be reasonably integrated with other residential development, with services and facilities accessible, helping to create sustainable, mixed and inclusive communities for all
  • The pitches should not be enclosed with hard landscaping, high walls or fences, to an extent that suggests deliberate isolation from the community
  • Within the area set aside to provide pitches, bricks and mortar housing, or any buildings capable of being converted to bricks and mortar housing, is not appropriate and will be resisted
  • Delivery to be phased alongside delivery of new homes (C3), with two Traveller pitches completed per 500 homes (C3) completed


  • Reduce flood risk elsewhere




New settlement





Area (size)

92.8 ha

Existing use

Former airfield and fields

LAA reference

53 and 54

Key considerations

  • Partially previously developed land
  • Flood risk
  • Part of the site is designated as a Site of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCI)
  • The site includes a Ockham VHF Omni-directional Range 'VOR' and Distance Measuring Equipment 'DME' Navigational Beacon
  • Setting of listed building on boundary of site
  • Setting of Conservation Area on views
  • Transport and access
  • 16.98ha in the north west corner of the site is allocated for waste use in Surrey Waste Plan 2008, and has an existing planning permission for an in vessel composter with associated highways and other improvements, although the Plan recognises that not all of this area would be needed.
  • Potential noise and air quality issues


A35 Land at former Wisley airfield, Ockham

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