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Guildford Borough Council

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2016

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2016 - Part 2: Sites

A43: Land at Garlick's Arch, Send Marsh/ Burnt Common

POLICY A43: Land at Garlick's Arch, Send Marsh/Burnt Common and Ripley


The site is allocated for approximately 400 homes (C3) and up to 7,000 sq m of either or a mix of light industrial (B1c), general industrial (B2) and storage and distribution (B8)


  • The new homes are to be provided with an appropriate green buffer between the residential use and employment uses, or light industrial use (B1c) being located to form an appropriate separation between the residential and other employment uses (B2 and B8) on site
  • Appropriate mitigation for flood risk and flood risk management, with specific regard to the recommendations of the Level 2 SFRA
  • Avoid development in flood zones 2 and 3
  • No increase in flood risk on site or elsewhere
  • Green corridors and linkages to habitats outside of the site, and significant regard to the ancient woodland within the site
  • Design and site layout to take full account of Policy A43a


  • Reduce flood risk on site and elsewhere
  • Encourage connections with services and facilities in the village
  • Improve bus frequency to encourage travel to/from the site by sustainable modes of transport.






Send and Lovelace



Area (size)

30 ha

Existing use

Paddock and builder's yard

LAA reference

Site 2258

Key considerations

  • Location of employment uses and housing within the site
  • Flood risk
  • Tree Preservation Order
  • Ancient woodland
  • Policy A43a

A43 Land at Garlick

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