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Guildford Borough Council

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2016

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2016 - Part 2: Sites

A46: Land to the south of Normandy and north of Flexford

POLICY A46: Land to the south of Normandy and north of Flexford


This is a residential lead mixed use development, allocated for:

  • Approximately 1,100 homes (C3), including some specialist housing and self-build plots (C3), and
  • A nursing or residential care home (C2) with approximately 60 beds, and
  • 6 Travelling Showpeople plots (sui generis), and
  • Approximately 400 sq m of comparison retail (A1), and
  • Approximately 300 sq m of convenience retail (A1), and
  • Approximately 400 sq m of services (A2 - A5), and
  • Approximately 300 sq m of community facilities (D1), and
  • A secondary school (D1) (up to eight form entry), and
  • A village green


  • Create a sustainable and inclusive community, that can meet its day to day needs within the community
  • The village green to be in a central location within the development site and form a focus for the community
  • Sensitive design at site boundaries that has regard to the transition from village to greenfield
  • The secondary school to be located in close proximity to Wanborough railway station, encouraging sustainable travel movements. Secondary educational need will be re-assessed at the time a planning application is made at which time any recent new secondary school provision will be taken into account
  • Interventions will be required which address the potential highway performance issues which could otherwise result from the development. The Infrastructure Schedule in the latest Infrastructure Delivery Plan identifies the locations on the Local Highway Network and the Strategic Highway Network which could be expected to experience the most significant potential highway performance issues, in the absence of mitigating interventions
  • A significant bus network to serve the site and key destinations including Guildford and the Blackwater Valley to be provided
  • An off site cycle network to key destinations including Wanborough railway station and to the Christmas Pie Trail, with improvements to a level that would be attractive and safe for the average cyclist
  • Green corridors and linkages to habitats outside of the site, and significant regard to the ancient woodland within the site
  • Bespoke SANG to mitigate impacts on the SPA (See the IDP for further information)

Flood risk

  • Appropriate mitigation for flood risk and flood risk management, and regard to recommendations of the Level 2 SFRA
  • No development in flood zones 2 and 3 and no increase in flood risk on site or elsewhere
  • Appropriate surface water flooding mitigation measures, with specific regard to the Guildford Surface Water Management Plan and Level 2 SFRA

Travelling Showpeople plots:

  • The plots will be private (tenure)
  • The plots should be provided at a location within the site that reduces the need for large vehicles to travel through the village, but is sensitive to the visual impact of the storage of large machinery, and potential noise disturbance
  • The plots should include sufficient space for mixed use yards to allow residential accommodation and space for storage of equipment
  • The plots should be sold at an appropriate price, in consultation with the Showmen's Guild, the Local Authority and local Travelling Showpeople, and if needed, with regard to an independent valuation. Travelling Showpeople with a local connection should have priority for ownership
  • If not sold within a year of completion and marketing, the future use of the land should have regard to an up to date Traveller Accommodation Assessment (TAA) and Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA), with specific consideration of the use of the land for affordable housing
  • Delivery should be phased in relation to delivery of new homes (C3)


  • Further detailed modelling of the flood extents, taking all available opportunities to reduce flood risk elsewhere
  • The site is within close proximity to Wanborough railway station. Opportunities to improve station facilities such as parking and cycle storage alongside improved connectivity to the station
  • Provision of a primary school, if there is an identified need at the development proposal stage (at present, such a need has not been identified)









Area (size)

67 ha

Existing use


LAA reference

Site 368

Key considerations

  • Creation of a sustainable community that can meet daily needs within the village
  • Fluvial flood risk
  • Surface water flood risk
  • Listed buildings within the vicinity of the site
  • The location of Travelling Showpeople plots
  • Provision and location of a secondary school
  • Encouragement of sustainable movements
  • Green corridors
  • Ancient woodland


A46 Land to the south of Normandy and north of Flexford

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