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Guildford Borough Council

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2017

Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites 2017 - Part 1: Policies

Policy ID2: Supporting the Department for Transport's "Road Investment Strategy"

Policy ID2: Supporting the Department for Transport's "Road Investment Strategy"


4.6.12 Following the enactment of The Infrastructure Act 2015, the Department offor Transport published in March 2015 the Road Investment Strategy (RIS) for the 2015/16 - 2019/20 Road Period. From 1 April 2015, the Secretary of State for Transport has granted Highways England a licence as a strategic highways company to be the highway authority, traffic authority and street authority for the Strategic Road Network (SRN).

4.6.13 The RIS includes a long term funding commitment by government to support delivery of the programme. This is an important change of approach, which involves ring-fencing investment for the Strategic Road Network in a way that takes it outside of the normal decisions on departmental budgets. This means that the schemes set out in the RIS have access to committed funding, allowing them to enter construction during Road Period 1 (2015/16 to 2019/20) or be developed into schemes for construction in Road Period 2 (2020/21 to 2024/25). This represents a level of commitment well beyond the level previously associated with investment on the Strategic Road Network.

4.6.14 Within Guildford borough, three schemes have been identified in the RIS;

Schemes with construction anticipated to commerce in Road Period 1 (2015/16 to 2019/20):

  • M25 Junctions 10-16 - upgrading the M25 between junction 10 (A3) and junction 16 (M40) through a mixture of enhancements, including hard shoulder running between junctions 15 and 16, as well as four-lane through-junction running between junctions 10 and 12.
  • M25 Junction 10/A3 Wisley interchange - improvement of the Wisley interchange to allow free-flowing movement in all directions, together with improvements to the neighbouring Painshill interchange on the A3 to improve safety and congestion across the two sites.

Scheme with construction anticipated to commence in Road Period 2 (2020/21 to 2024/25):

  • A3 Guildford - improving the A3 in Guildford from the A320 to the Hogs Back junction with the A31, with associated safety improvements.

4.6.15 The Council has worked and will continue to work closely with Highways England to tailor its development management processes, including for allocated strategic sites, with Highways England's emerging schemes and their proposed timing and phasing. This will ensure that the assumptions used in developer's transport assessments are robust. The timing and phasing of the delivery of Highways England's emerging schemes will be key to addressing the existing peak hour congestion that often occurs on the Strategic HighwayRoad Network.

POLICY ID2: Supporting the Department for Transport's "Road Investment Strategy"

(1) Guildford Borough Council is committed to working with Highways England to facilitate major, long-term improvements to the A3 trunk road and M25 motorway in terms of both capacity and safety, as mandated by the Department of for Transport's "Road Investment Strategy". As such, promoters of proposal sites adjacentclose to the A3 and M25 and other largestrategic sites will need to take account of any emerging proposals by Highways England or any other licenced strategic highway authority appointed by the Secretary of State under the Infrastructure Act 2015.


Reasoned justification

4.6.16 The implementation of the three RIS schemes during the Plan period, alongside other critical infrastructure, is required in order to be able to accommodate future planned growth both outside and within the borough. It is therefore important that the developerspromoters of proposal sites adjacentclose to the A3 and M25 and other largestrategic sites work closely with Highways England to ensure that their layout and access arrangement(s) are consistent with Highways England's emerging schemes.

4.6.17 [Guildford Borough Council and Highways England are in the process of agreeing a Statement of Common Ground which sets out assumptions regarding both the performance and safety outcomes that the RIS schemes can be expected to realise.]

4.6.18 The A3 Guildford scheme is subject to feasibility study and then progression through Highways England's Project Control Framework during Road Period 1. As a result, the scheme could either be the widening of the existing A3 carriageways or a tunnel option. Both options This may require consequential alterations or improvements to junctions that either connect with the Strategic Road Network (SRN) or are affected by changes in traffic flows.

4.6.19 The RIS schemes are included in the Infrastructure Schedule at Appendix C which sets out the key infrastructure requirements on which the delivery of the Plan depends. The Guildford Borough Transport Strategy 2016 sets out the programme of transport improvement schemes promoted by Guildford Borough Council, and includes all the key infrastructure requirements including the RIS schemes.

Key Evidence

  • Road Investment Strategy: for the 2015/16 - 2019/20 Road Period (Department for Transport, March 2015)
  • Guildford Borough Proposed Submission Local Plan "June 2016": Strategic Highway Assessment (Surrey County Council, June 2016)
  • Guildford Borough Transport Strategy 20162017 (Guildford Borough Council, June 20162017)



Indicator Target Data source
Implementation of the Department for Transport's "Road Investment Strategy" The three schemes on the Strategic Road Network within Guildford borough, as identified in the Road Investment Strategy for the 2015/16 - 2019/20 Road Period. are implemented during the Local Plan period 20343

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